Resident Assistant & Chaperones

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Monday, April 8, 2024

Resident Assistant & Chaperones

Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation (AILEY) is seeking responsible individuals to serve as our Resident Assistants & Chaperones reporting to the Summer Housing Coordinator within the The Ailey School department.

Position Summary:



Training & Development

  • Mandatory staff training is scheduled:
  • June 11th* – June 22nd, 2024: Staff will train with the Housing Coordinator, 11-3pm*. Focused workshops with The Ailey School professionals will be included. Staff will work on Dorm Preparation while living at McMahon.                                                                                                                  
  • Staff members move into the dormitory June 10th, 2024*.
  • Staff meets weekly (with and without the Housing Coordinator) during the intensive (Monday from 5pm to 7.30pm). Additional meetings are likely and will be scheduled as far in advance as possible. *Subject to change


Administrative Tasks

  • Participate in and assist with Move-in (6/23/2022) and Move-Out (7/20/2024 and 7/27/2024).
  • Attend weekly staff meetings with the Housing Coordinator and separately as a team. 
  • Lead weekly floor meetings (Mondays from 8-9pm) to promote a community in which students have concern and respect for the rights and privileges of others. 
  • Establish effective communication in the dormitory with bulletin boards and posters.
  • Submit dorm incident reports and document all policy violations in a timely manner.



  • Plan, execute, and evaluate high quality events that are age appropriate and cost efficient.
  • Events take place Tuesday-Thursday and Saturdays and Sundays. 


Building Security

  • Participate in On-Duty rotation (24 hours), daily rounds of Ailey floors (6pm, 8:30pm, and 11pm), and other duties as assigned. Staff remain in the building when On-Duty.
  • Enforce curfews for all 14-17-year-old students.  Visit each apartment and perform room checks nightly. Monitor sign-in sheet for students 18-years-old*.
  • Make note of students who have been approved to stay away from campus overnight. Contact information and expected time of return should be noted for each off-campus visit.
  • Participate in approved random room checks with or without university staff. *18-years-old might live in the dorm if Ludlow’s Residence reaches capacity.


Student Safety (Chaperones ONLY)

  • Know the whereabouts of each chaperone student you are assigned at all times (constant texting and checking in).
  • Enforce a “Buddy System” for students to pursue activities without supervision within the campus radius.
  • Meet students’ approved visitors before they leave McMahon Hall. Maintain visitors’ contact information. Require that students return by curfew and notify you of their return.



  • Always serve as a role model. This includes adhering to and enforcing policies as stated by Fordham University and The Ailey School, including drugs and alcohol.
  • Develop and build individual relationships with students from the beginning of the program and throughout the summer. Be an active presence in the dormitory. 
  • Assist students with adjusting to dorm and city life and help mediate student conflict.
  • Accompany students to the clinic or hospital in case of illness, injury, or medical emergency. Inform Housing Coordinator as soon as possible so that the parent can be notified. 
  • Be readily available and always have access to student information in case of emergency.


Department Summary:

Founded in 1969 by Alvin Ailey, The Ailey School is the official school of the world-renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. The Ailey School trains students from all over the world providing them with high-caliber instruction in a wide variety of techniques each year. Located in The Joan Weill Center for Dance in midtown Manhattan, the School boasts a faculty of over 75 dance professionals who are experts in their fields and 37 professional musicians providing over 360 classes per week, and a staff of dedicated administrators and advisors.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age by June 23rd, 2024.
  • Applicants must have a background and/or education in the dance field.
  • Members of Ailey II, international students applying for OPT, and students enrolling in the summer intensive are not eligible to apply. 
  • Ailey Students Applicants must be in good standing at The Ailey School (students on probation will not be considered).



  • 7 weeks of work beginning June 11th, 2024* through July 27th, 2024.
  • This position must be your first priority, no exceptions. Outside activities cannot exceed 20 hours per week and need to be approved by Summer Housing Coordinator. This includes registered course hours, internships, dance classes, auditions, and other part-time employment.
  • Applicants must live at the dormitory from June 12th* to July 29th, 2024.
  • Overnights away from the dorm must be approved by Summer Housing Coordinator. *Subject to change



  • $3,000 total stipend (includes training) to be paid out weekly over 7 weeks.
  • Single room accommodations are provided starting June 10th*. Apartment type differs according to position assigned.  Amenities include 24/7 doorman security, WIFI, laundry facilities. *Subject to change
  • $700 meal stipend to be paid out over 7 weeks.
  • 10 free classes per week at The Ailey School during time of employment.
  • Metro card for work related transportation.
  • An activity budget for required programming is provided. The staff decides how these funds are allocated.


Required Application Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover letter detailing your interest in this position
  • Contact information for 2 professional references
  • Resident Assistants and Chaperones are an integral part of The Ailey School Summer Intensive and are subject to an interview and background check.


Other details

  • Pay Type Salary
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  • 405 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019, USA