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Vault Supervisor

Loomis Armored New Orleans, LA, 1320 Sams Ave, Elmwood, Luisiana, Estados Unidos de América Sol. nº 4922
lunes, 12 de febrero de 2024

Salary commensurate upon skill set, experience and competency in similar role(s). 

•    Complete and maintain scheduling/routing on daily basis
•    Oversight and coordination of route, and dispatch functions
•    Controlling the costs of operations
•    Safety of employees, vehicles, and facilities through training, monitoring and enforcement of policies and procedures
•    Security of cargo and terminal through training, monitoring, and enforcement of policies and procedures
•    Investigating accidents and processing required paperwork
•    Developing and maintaining customer service capabilities among all operations staff.
•    Responding to customer inquiries and/or complaints
•    Coordinating with sales, other branches and departments, District and corporate staff, other carriers, and vendors 
•    Controlling overtime hours. Monitoring employee vacation schedules. Maintaining effectiveness and efficiency of operational functions
•    Short and long range operational planning to meet branch goals
•    Communication with all employees to immediately resolve any outstanding issues and/or complaints
•    Completion of any and all additional responsibilities that are assigned by the Branch Manager and/or other Management Team Members on an “as needed” basis
•    Knowledge of transit vault, coin vault and CMS operations
•    Consult with and accept advise/direction from the Operations/Branch Manager on a daily basis
•    Responsible for training, counseling, disciplining, conduct and evaluation of employees under their direction on a daily basis
•    Communicate with customers on a regular basis
•    Communication with sales and administration on an “as needed” basis regarding updates of service and customers, and payroll issues
•    Assume limited responsibilities during the absence of the Operations/Branch Manager on an “as needed” basis
•    Direct operations to meet broad branch objectives, within policy guidelines
•    Direct vault operations, including structure and scheduling, establish procedure, enforce policy
•    Profitability of branch, as related to quality and efficiency of operations; operation cost within guidelines, as provided
•    Control of losses through implementation of effective risk management, training, supervision, and discipline
•    Control of damages and injuries, through implementation of safety programs, training, supervision and discipline
•    High level of observable safety, security and effectiveness of operating practices and use of equipment
•    Leadership by example – modeling appropriate behaviors; and regular observation/ monitoring of route activities and crew needs
•    Self-development and subordinates through on the job training and other training
•    Analyze complex factors to decide appropriate actions, and resolve situations not covered by set policies or procedures
•    Ensure proper balancing of the vault daily for each shift
•    Timely completion of monthly commitments as assigned by Operations/Branch

Essential Functions/Job Qualifications: As part of the qualification process for the Vault Supervisor position, a Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) is required. This evaluation requires successful completion of testing in the below areas.

25lbs vertical lift from 10 inches to 66 inches from the floor (1X)

18lbs vertical lift from 1 inch to 44 inches from the floor, and horizontally transfer 15ft (4X)
18lbs vertical lift from 10 inches to 36 inches from the floor and horizontally transfer 300ft (1X)
50lbs vertical lift from 10 inches to 36 inches from the floor and horizontally transfer 2ft (2X)

Horizontally transfer 47lbs of force on a sled (single, non-dominant arm), a distance of 1ft (2X)

Repetitive Coupling:
Squeeze Jamar Hand Dynamometer requiring forces up to 30lbs / both right & left hands (4X each)

Loomis offers one of the most comprehensive employees benefit packages in the industry, which includes:

  • Vacation and Sick Time (PTO) as well as Paid Holidays
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Basic Life Insurance Plan
  • Voluntary Life Insurance Plan
  • Flexible Spending and Health Savings Account
  • Dependent Care Account
  • Industry leading Training and Development

Otros detalles

  • Grupo de puestos Exempt
  • Función del puesto Vault Custodian
  • Tipo de pago Salario
  • Tasa de contratación mínima $40,000.00
  • Tasa de contratación máxima $60,000.00
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